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It’s like she’s trying to take bad photos on purpose

If awkward family photos were a competitive sport, my mother would be a world champion. It’s not that she’s a bad photographer. She has taken some great photos. It’s that she likes taking pictures of people when they are are … Continue reading

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Shameful Sunday, Internet edition

While wasting time online, I found some things that perplexed me. This was from the website of jeweler Mignon Faget. I don’t understand why the sale price is so much more than the regular price. This was from wikihow.com. Ok, … Continue reading

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I love/hate Christmas music

For some people, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. When late November comes and the radio stations all start playing carols all the time, they must think “Oh! Christmas music! One of my favorite things!” And they’ll belt … Continue reading

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I know they save lives, but smoke detectors really drive me nuts. Apparently, I forgot to change their batteries when I changed the clocks when Daylight Savings Time ended (another thing I can rant about). So when I woke up … Continue reading

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You know that dream where you go to school naked?

Courtesy of sj: Pictures of Kristen Stewart in her underwear. Why sj is looking at pictures of Kristen Stewart in her underwear, well, the world may never know. I’m going to give K-Stew the benefit of the doubt and pretend … Continue reading

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Rape Apology Bingo!

I haven’t done a feminist rant in a while, so here is just a picture I did inspired by the post on Feministe.com about the Arizona judge hoping the victim of a sexual assault learned a valuable lesson about friendship. … Continue reading

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Deep thoughts: Star Wars

Why is it that George Lucas could go back and change Star Wars to make us believe that Han was acting to defend himself when he shot Greedo and make Greedo have shit aim, but he couldn’t go back and … Continue reading

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Ann Coulter explains civil rights

http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/coulter-civil-rights-blacks-immigrants-201633682–election.html This is just so stupid that I don’t even know what to say. Oh wait, yes I do!

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Not sure how to describe this. Happy Sunday! (happy 50th post, me!)

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Multiple Os

From AKABetsy.

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