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Friday Five: the Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone is probably my most favoritest show ever. Growing up, instead of telling me fairy tales, my dad told me the plots of Twilight Zone episodes. When I learned I could watch them online, good bye productivity. Before … Continue reading

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Friday five: favorite immigrant stories

My parents just returned from a trip to New York and showed me all their pictures. Though I used to live in New York, I was really captivated by their photos of the Statute of Liberty and Ellis Island. Maybe … Continue reading

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Friday five: favorite villains

Last time I wrote about my favorite love interests, today I’ll write about my favorite baddies. It’s not that I condone what any of these people did. I just love reading about them. In no particular order: 1. Tom Riddle/Voldemort … Continue reading

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Friday Five: Literary crushes

1. Dirk from the Devil’s Own. So few people have heard of this book. It’s an Australian young adult book by Deborah Lisson. This was my first crush on a literary character. I loved how he took care of and … Continue reading

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