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The Separation of Church and Hate

And here’s another great post: Now, I realize that there are many many Christians and Christian organizations that do good for their fellow man, that reserve judgment to their God and their God alone, and that tolerate and respect other … Continue reading

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Shameful Sunday: Internet drama, I <3 you

By now, is everyone familiar with Andrew Moskowitz? Rumor has it, that he said this: I’m starting to wonder if perhaps the whole thing wasn’t fake. Not Franchesca’s blog post, but the Andrew Moskowitz person. Anyway, so on her blog, … Continue reading

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feminism, facebook, and the first amendment

I heard about facebook sometime in early 2005. At that time, I already hated MySpace, so I didn’t know why I needed another social network to not use. I remember trying to create an account around the time of Hurricane … Continue reading

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Obamacare violates my First Amendment Rights!

The Constitution cannot be read in a vacuum. See Christine O’Donnell and her being laughed at at a debate because she asks “where in the Constitution is the separation between church and state?” The Constitution must be read, at the … Continue reading

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