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Why British food sucks

There is an ad on the radio for…something. I can’t remember what it is, so I guess that should tell you how effective it is. It’s not for food. It might be for a loan service or something. Anyway, the … Continue reading

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The cakepop is a lie

Hard truth: cakepops taste like cake that someone chewed up and spit out. They’re nasty. I admire the effort and creativity that goes into making them, but they still taste terrible. Yes, they are adorable. So are kittens, and I don’t … Continue reading

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You know you’re married to a biologist when

You have a 15-minute argument over whether these can be called “oranges” or must be referred to as “clementines” and said argument is only ended when your three-year-old says “a clementine is a type of orange.”

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