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The Trump Russia scandal is the plot of Kushiel’s Dart

People keep saying if story of Russia’s meddling and Trump’s collusion with the 2016 election were the plot of a novel, it would be rejected by publishers for being too unbelievable. Well, maybe, but if we’re already suspending our disbelief … Continue reading

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What does it feel like living abroad in unpresidented times?

I can only speak for myself, but I feel alone. People here are freaking out about Brexit. Someone who I want to be friends with said that Trump is 4 years, 8 years max (it sounds like a prison sentence: … Continue reading

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The danger of thinking he can’t really win the election.

I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to distract from Alexandra’s message (as I think I may have done in my comments). This post is excellent. If it’s tl;dr, the picture really says it all, but … Continue reading

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My thoughts after watching an interview with Donald Trump

This post is best read using the Trump Web Chrome extension. You can download it here. I watched part of an interview with Donald Trump the other day on All In. He said, as he is wont to do, that … Continue reading

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