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Republican delegate wants “science fiction” to be taught in West Virginia Schools

Today’s edition of you’re doing it right! comes to us from a Republican from West Virginia. Apparently, he wants to require schools to teach science fiction. Now, the cynical part of me rolled my eyes and thought the science fiction … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: I know…I must be fun at parties

Daily Prompt: I Got Skills. Today’s daily prompt asks us if we could master any skill, what skill would be pick. I’m assuming they mean if we were to acquire the skill like Keanu learned Kung Fu in The Matrix … Continue reading

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Deep thoughts:The Terminator

Kyle Reese had Sarah Connor’s picture, so he knew what she looked like. The Terminator only had her name and that she lived in LA. His plan was to kill all Sarah Connors who lived in LA because that would … Continue reading

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More on dystopia

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I have a problem identifying dystopian literature. This is most apparent if you talk to me about the book Brave New World. I love the idea that society has a place for … Continue reading

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Come on you apes, you wanna live forever

I know that wikipedia is not a great pillar of knowledge, but in my efforts to distract myself from getting anything done, I was looking at their lists of dystopian literature and film. Wikipedia describes dystopian as being “the idea … Continue reading

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