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An open letter to George RR Martin

Dear George, Earlier today or yesterday you tweeted this: And I went nuts tweeting you back because I had a million things to say in response. And then I gave up and decide to just write it all here (and … Continue reading

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A Spanking of Monkeys. More on GoT

I’ve written before about my distaste for Game of Thrones and how it makes me sad because I want to like the story. Quite a few people have found my blog for searching for “I hate Game of Thrones” or … Continue reading

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30 day book challenge. Day 2

This is tougher than yesterday’s prompt. Instead of telling you about the book I hate the most (how do I choose? Some books make me angry when I read them. Some I think are a complete waste of paper), I’m … Continue reading

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Friday Five: zombies

I don’t think I like zombie stories. At least, I didn’t think I liked zombie stories. I just never saw the appeal. Sure, I saw Night of the Living Dead as a teenager and was appropriately awed. But I couldn’t … Continue reading

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