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It’s official. I hate Ayn Rand.

Last night I went to go see a performance of an Ayn Rand play (Night of January 16th)┬áby a youth theater. Now, I have never actually read anything by Ayn Rand because when I want to read crap, I read … Continue reading

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a definition

I-ron-y noun 1. An outcome contrary to what was or might have been expected. 2. The fact that Ayn Rand, patron saint of the “fuck you, I’ve got mine,” war on women waging GOP, was adamantly pro-choice. Some quotes for … Continue reading

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Slut shaming

I’m a feminist, and you probably are too. Here’s a simple test you can take to determine whether or not you are a feminist: do you believe in equal rights and opportunities for men and women? Then congratulations, you’re a … Continue reading

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More on dystopia

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I have a problem identifying dystopian literature. This is most apparent if you talk to me about the book Brave New World. I love the idea that society has a place for … Continue reading

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