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Republican delegate wants “science fiction” to be taught in West Virginia Schools

Today’s edition of you’re doing it right! comes to us from a Republican from West Virginia. Apparently, he wants to require schools to teach science fiction. Now, the cynical part of me rolled my eyes and thought the science fiction … Continue reading

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I have no words for how awesome this is!

A dad reprogrammed his daughter’s Donkey Kong game to make Mario the plumber in distress and Pauline the heroine.

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Skirt the Issue

I had a day full of disappointment. But I read this article and felt much better. Men in India are wearing skirts to protest violence against women. They’re calling it “Skirt the Issue.” Says co-organsier Adithya Mallya, “I wanted to … Continue reading

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Maybe it’s because I’m a little sleep deprived, BUT OH MY GOD THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER! It’s a generator that runs on pee. Invented by four teenage girls in Africa. It turns pee into electricity! I love … Continue reading

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled ranting to bring you awesome

So because I’m annoyed about something I want to focus on something awesome. And that awesome is chocolate with poprocks. Oh. My. God. It’s sweet and crunchy and leaves your mouth going pop pop pop pop pop pop! Such a … Continue reading

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30 day book challenge. Day 25

My favorite biographical book. I’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time because it allows me to squee about one of my new favorite books. This book is amazing. McBride write his memoir along side his mother’s … Continue reading

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should sexual orientation be a protected ground?

This video. Wow. (Watch the whole thing.)  

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The secret to happiness is recognizing it when you’re experiencing it

My sister has that phrase in a frame in her house. It’s something she tries to remember and live her life by. But at the same time she thinks that’s kind of strange since she told me it came from … Continue reading

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Not sure how to describe this. Happy Sunday! (happy 50th post, me!)

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Some radical Muslims

Here are a few pictures of some totally radical Muslim. I feel like I need to add “dude” in here somewhere so everyone will understand my ’80s hip usage of the term “radical.” Dude.

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