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NaNo update

It’s only three days in, but I’m really enjoying my story. Much more than I thought I would. I came into it with something barely resembling an idea, but as soon as I starting writing, characters and adventures leapt to … Continue reading

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daily prompt: random word and a gis

This prompt was just too intriguing not to do. Random word: warrior Eleventh image: What it brings to mind:  

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Three more days

  I started this blog to be a place for me to talk about writing, reading, and happy things generally. But it turned into one giant feminist rant. I blame Todd Akin. I think it all started with him. Anyway, … Continue reading

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30 day book challenge. Day 27

A book I’d write if I had all the resources. Jewish vampires. This has actually been a dream of mine for a while. I loved vampire stories growing up and noticed that a lot of them were based in Christianity/Catholicism. … Continue reading

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30 day book challenge. Day 23

My favorite romance. Since my favorite book is Rebecca, I guess my favorite romance is also Rebecca. But I guess that would be cheating if I just referred you back to day 1. Otherwise, see sj’s post about hating romance. … Continue reading

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I just submitted my manuscript thing to Harper Voyager in response to their call for submissions. Wish me luck.

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Lost in transition

I think that one of my biggest (if not my biggest) problem with writing is transitions between scenes. (But maybe after I actually let other people read what I wrote, you guys will say my biggest problem is that I … Continue reading

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on endings

Sometimes, when I finish reading a book that I really enjoy, I get a feeling of sadness or emptiness. Does anyone else get this feeling? For me, it’s like the feeling of missing a good friend. I think this might … Continue reading

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Why I don’t make a habit of reading Freshly Pressed

When I was working as a camp counselor, the camp director created an incentive program to reward good work. It was a terrible idea that only made the divide between the counselors greater. Let me back up. This camp director … Continue reading

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Shameful Sunday

Forgive the bad picture. I took it quickly with my cell phone from inside my car. I didn’t want anyone to catch me taking picture of cars because that could be interpreted as kinda creepy. I blurred out the telephone … Continue reading

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