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Voter fraud, ID, intimidation, and suppression

Well, it looks like James O’Keefe committed voter fraud again. His techniques are really breathtaking: there is no problem, so O’Keefe creates the problem, then whines that it was too easy for him to be a problem. I get it, … Continue reading

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It’s a European carry-all!

Meghan McCain is not voting with her vagina. I’m posting this from Starbucks, so I haven’t listened to the audio clips, which presumably explains her position on national security. She insists that she is voting with her “pocketbook.” But once … Continue reading

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What we’ve got here is failure to communicate

I missed the debates the other night, but I read some different commentary on them. Of course conservatives and liberals will have different interpretations of events of the debates, and I think the best example of this is the issue … Continue reading

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