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Adults should be seen and not heard

Recently, I read an article in a parenting magazine about how to bring your kid to a restaurant. It had all sorts of helpful hints like “leave if your child gets too cranky” or “bring toys or crayons.” And I … Continue reading

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Birthday party at the Gatsbys’

This weekend my family went to a birthday party that Jay Gatsby would have thrown had he had a pre-schooler. Bouncy castles and ATVs for kids/motorized Power Wheels abounded. They probably would have opened up their pool if it had … Continue reading

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Beans and monkeys

My husband and I laughed alongside Joe Biden the other night at the vice presidential debates. I also tweeted angrily and wanted to wipe Ryan’s smug smile off his face. When the moderator got to abortion at the last seconds … Continue reading

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Humpday Haiku

This one was actually written by my 3-year old: I heard the sun rise A hundred years ago. Trees And rocks make me hungry.

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You know you’re married to a biologist when

You have a 15-minute argument over whether these can be called “oranges” or must be referred to as “clementines” and said argument is only ended when your three-year-old says “a clementine is a type of orange.”

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