Kushiel’s Justice readalong: week 9

It’s time for the final week of the Kushiel’s Justice readalong. Again, thanks to everyone for participating. This week’s questions are by Susan.

1) In this section, Imriel had plenty of farewells and also reunions. Which ones did you find the most interesting or touching?

I liked the reunions with the Albans. I think it was a nice reminder that Imriel was not so alone. In his quest, yes, but not entirely in his feelings. And of course with Imriel’s friends and family–Alais, Sidonie, Eammon.

2) Maslin decides to stay in Vralia as an ambassador. What do you think of his decision? When Imriel, Phedre, and Joscelin depart, Phedre says something privately to Maslin that causes him to collapse to his knees and weep. What do you think she said?

I always really liked how Maslin decide to stay. Lombelon was made small to him, but Vralia is vast and will give him a chance to prove himself to both Vralians and D’Angelines. I’ve never speculated on what Phedre said to him. I guess I┬ájust kind of appreciated the private nature of it. I think it was about his father. Maybe that he reminds her of him.

3) Imriel & crew make it to Skaldia where they dine with Aldemar and meet some interesting merchants. Do you think the Unseen Guild had a hand in any of Imriel’s recent adventures?

I don’t think they did. I think they maybe wanted to have a role but that they came too late. Maybe that’s me being cynical. The Guild strikes me as ineffectual. It’s like how I get really annoyed with people when I ask them what they do any they tell me “I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you.” I grew up outside of DC, so I knew a lot of NSA and military types. It always made me suspect that line was more interesting than what they actually did.

4) Finally, Imriel is reunited with Dorolei’s kin. There’s a solemn burial of Berlik’s skull which is followed by a boisterous party. If someone was burying a skull at your feet, which would you prefer – serious ceremony or rowdy affair?

Rowdy affair, definitely. Like a Jazz funeral.

5) Sidonie and Imriel are finally together openly. Some still do not approve. What challenges do you foresee for them?

I think a lot of people are going to feel like Ysandre. But I think there will be less bitterness or resistance from Albans, Talorcan notwithstanding, because of people like Ysandre, if that makes any sense.

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1 Response to Kushiel’s Justice readalong: week 9

  1. Allie says:

    I think they (the guild) only smoothed the way for the end of his journey. Also, that response sounds extremely annoying for parties, since “what do you do?” is a pretty standard getting-to-know-you topic. I would hope they at least follow up with a relevant subject change.

    It’s interesting to consider that Ysandre’s opposition will help Albans accept Imriel and Sidonie’s relationship, since they see her perspective as an affront.

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