Kushiel’s Scion readalong: week 1

Hi all! Hooray! We’re on the next book in Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Legacy! I’m a bit behind this week due to whatthefuckery, but onward! This week is the prologue through chapter 11. Questions by Susan.

1) Through out this section, we relearn the events of the first trilogy through Imriel’s eyes. What do you think of his perceptions of those events?

This is such an interesting question, and I don’t even know how to answer it. He seems both detached from some pieces of D’Angeline history and so close to it. Poor emo Imri.

2) What do you think is in Melisande’s letters? How did she escape and who do you think assisted her this time?

The first time I read this, I imagined her letters to be mostly saying how much she loves him, how she wanted to do everything for him, and to ask him not to judge her too harshly. Perhaps an explanation as to why she did some things, but maybe not.

As for her escape, well, we know she’s in touch with Pharaoh, but I think that’s about all. For now.

3) What do think about how Imriel handled Maslin of Lombelon? Has he made an ally or a foe for the future?

I love what Imri did, but unfortunately, I don’t think Maslin views things the same way I do. Which isn’t to say I don’t understand why Maslin feels the way he does. But back to Imri, I think he has a real sense of justice or right and wrong. He’s Kushiel’s scion, and maybe that doesn’t mean just doling out punishment. Maybe it has something to do with judgment and remedying wrongs.

4) There’s a few moments of foreshadowing in this section: Elua’s priest’s words concerning finding and losing love over and over again; Alais’s dream concerning a man with two faces. Are you intrigued or just happy to zoom along at this point?

Intrigued. I remember at first reading, I didn’t want him to lose Phedre or Alais. I wondered what it meant to have two faces. I took it figuratively, and thought it was about something who would say one thing to one person and another to someone else. I thought he’d find a lot of people like that at court.

5) Imriel’s Shahrizai cousins (Mavros, Roshana, Baptiste) have come to visit for a summer. What are your impressions so far?

On my first read, I was kind of wary of them. But this time around, I like them more. Especially Mavros. I think he genuinely wants to befriend Imriel but doesn’t know how.

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8 Responses to Kushiel’s Scion readalong: week 1

  1. @lynnsbooks says:

    I never even considered the Pharaoh assisting Melisande! Yeah, I can’t imagine her letters being all soft and fluffy somehow. I imagine her to be a much more business like type of mum! I’m sure that’s not perfectly correct but she is a bit like a ‘man on a mission’ isn’t she! (Definitely in it for the long ride).
    Interesting that you like the cousins more the second time round – I’m hoping that comes to mean that they’re not as suspicious as maybe I’ve been thinking!
    Lynn 😀

    • emmawolf says:

      I hope I didn’t spoil anything….. 😦 I think with the cousins, we are both meant to like them and be wary of them. I think they’re meant to help us (and Imriel) break down our prejudices, but not too far. They may seem nice, but they’re still incestuous and weird.

      • @lynnsbooks says:

        Not at all – I’m like a dog with a bone when anybody says anything! Trying to second guess and jumping ahead – I’m surprised I’ve stuck to the pages and chapters and not tried to read ahead!
        Lynn 😀

        • emmawolf says:

          I was the worst at reading ahead in the earlier books. I thought since I’d read them before, it didn’t matter. It did though. This time I think I’ll be better because I’m so busy.

        • emmawolf says:

          Also, me not being all spoily is hard when everyone here is so smart, observant, and insightful. It’s hard not to be all “omg, wait till Kushiel’s ____!”

  2. tethyanbooks says:

    Good point about Imriel as Kushiel’s Scion– maybe for him it will be more about justice and less about punishment. I felt like the Shahrizai cousins had good intentions in their visit to Imriel, but I might be way to trusting :).

  3. nrlymrtl says:

    ‘Emo Imri’ I like that. He’s definitely emo for much of the first book. Poor dude. So much to figure out.

    Definitely. Imri is Kushiel’s Scion and that means passing out the punishments and rewards, even if it costs himself something. I love how you brought that into the discussion because it is a key theme to the entire second trilogy.

    My first read through, I was also wary of the Shahrizai cousins. Now, I can appreciate how well behaved they were and how they tried to show Imri that it’s OK to have a darker side (and still be good people).

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