Kushiel’s Avatar readalong: week 7

Yay! Time for Kushiel’s Readalong! Questions by Lisa.

1. Yevuneh and the other women agree to help Phedre continue on her quest, and though it doesn’t go smoothly, she succeeds in finding the Broken Tablets and the Name of God! What did you think of how this part of the story played out?

I love it. And I feel like it ties with your next two questions, so these thoughts are part of all of it. I love how Phedre needed Imriel in order to be selfless. One big, happy family, and she was ready to sacrifice herself for Imriel. And had she not, the temple door wouldn’t have opened.

2. When the dust settles, Imriel’s position on where he feels he belongs is all the more firm – he wants to be with Phedre and Joscelin, and not with House Courcel. Do you have any thoughts on how things will go for them when they return home?

Since this is a reread for me, I can’t comment too much. Just as above, Phedre needs Imriel too.

3. Among other important changes to their way of life, the possibility of trade between Saba and other nations has opened up in the aftermath of what Phedre has done. This leads her to speculate that the intentions of the gods go far beyond what she was aware. What do you think of that bigger-picture theory? What might it mean for the world in general?

People in this world are monolatrists, and I really love that. They acknowledge the existence of many gods but worship only some. And I feel like in this book we really see that, with no one god being supreme (well, maybe). Ahura Mazda enlisted Elua’s help to rid his land of the worshipers of Angra Mainyu. Here too, we see this in a different way.

4. We’re heading toward the finale, and hopefully to a resolution regarding Hyacinthe’s fate… Do you have any thoughts about what might happen when Phedre gets back to him?

It’s a reread, so I can’t comment, but it would be pretty anticlimatic if it didn’t work 😉 *sad trombone*


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One Response to Kushiel’s Avatar readalong: week 7

  1. nrlymrtl says:

    Yep, I really like that Imriel was more than just a kid along for the ride in this part of the tale. His high shriek could be heard inside the temple and Phedre’s love for him is how she found that selfless place inside.

    I had to look up ‘monolatrist’ but you use it well in your answer, so I probably didn’t have to. And, yes, I like many folks acknowledge the existence of other deities even if they only worship a few or one.

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