If you looked at pictures of JLaw naked, you’re working against your own self-interest

A friend of mine told me a disturbing story the other day. She told me she was working topless in her apartment (as she is wont to do), and she heard people snickering outside. Normally, she ignores it because she just doesn’t care. But she heard someone say “facebook,” and she turned to see they were recording her.

We can guess where the story went from there.

I don’t understand.

Working with the premise that seeing breasts=good, why would one seek to make it harder to see breasts? I’ve heard a lot of “oh, JLaw et al. shouldn’t have taken pictures of themselves naked if they didn’t want the world to see them” (which I guess also means we shouldn’t have been changing in the locker room if we didn’t want people to watch us through the hole in the wall), which means that JLaw and others shouldn’t be sexting.

Is that the world you want to live in? You don’t want your girlfriend to send you a picture of herself masturbating? You don’t think people should do things behind closed doors that they don’t want the world to know about?

Condemning the person in the picture for being victimized (let’s not forget, hacking is a crime) might mean that people will heed your lesson. It might mean that, when you’re sending suggestive text messages to your girlfriend when you guys are apart, she’s not going to send you pictures of her tits in response. Because information wants to be free and she shouldn’t take that picture if she doesn’t want the world to see them.

So when you look at the pictures of JLaw, when you condemn her or any victim for being the subject of the pictures, you are making it harder to look at porn.

Unless we realize that this isn’t about porn but about power and that the viewer’s interest isn’t in seeing breasts (they’re a dime a dozen) but in shaming women.

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I'm a freelance writer living in Baltimore with my husband, son, and two cats. I'm working on editing my first novel. I love reading, traveling, and the cello.
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1 Response to If you looked at pictures of JLaw naked, you’re working against your own self-interest

  1. Yes, totally this! Sharing it on FB.

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