Eureka! I’ve done it! Or, how to fold a fitted sheet.

A few days ago I learned how to fold a fitted sheet, and I am still so jazzed about it that I just had to share! I watched this helpful video that I can’t embed, and yeah, that’ll do it! The trick is to line up all the corner seams (turning some inside out) and making the “L” shape with the fitted sides.

To prove to you that I’ve done it, I’ve taken before and after shots of my linen closet.



Looking back at it, I’m so embarrassed my closet ever looked like that.



All those things on the left (except for the bottom two) are beautifully folded fitteds. There is so much more room in my closet now! The only reason that white fitted thing on the right is still a monstrosity is because it’s a heated mattress pad. The video didn’t teach me how to fold those. The only problem is now it’s difficult to tell which is a fitted sheet and which is a flat sheet. The other night, my husband wanted a new flat sheet and went to the closet to get one. He grabbed the first one he saw, started to spread it on the bed, then got all annoyed when he saw it was fitted. Then he smushed it back in the linen closet in a heap, leaving me to do the folding again. Argh! But at least now it’s the most rewarding housework ever!

Here’s another helpful video on folding fitted sheets if the method in the first one didn’t work for you.

Thanks to Greenleftyidealist for pointing me in the direction of the video. I know this wasn’t at all the point of her post, but it’s hard for me not to be excited about the fitted sheet thing also.

Edit: And thanks to booksnobbery for telling me about the Byronic Man.


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7 Responses to Eureka! I’ve done it! Or, how to fold a fitted sheet.

  1. I must admit I’m kind of keen to master folding fitted sheets too so we can increase our cupboard space. Sadly It’ll take a bit of work for that to happen though – my sheet folding still resembles the latter video ;-). Glad you got some different things out of my post too though :-).

  2. Heather says:

    My idea of folding a fitted sheet is to wad up part of it (neatly?) and then fold the ugly part inside of the parts that fold well. Hahaha! And I’m okay with that. (Plus I don’t have anywhere to spread it all out to fold it the way I’ve seen people do it in videos.)

  3. sj says:

    Haha, I recognized B-Man from his tee shirt!

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