Maximum trolling

Justice Scalia has been called a troll. Not merely because of his recent comments on the Voting Rights act, but because he apparently has a pattern of being a dick to get a reaction.

Yeah, so photoshop isn't my strong suit. But you get the idea.

Yeah, so photoshop isn’t my strong suit. But you get the idea.

I’m not going to say that trolling is a bad thing. Yeah, it’s frustrating when I browse WordPress for new feminist blogs and I come across all the whiny men’s rights people who tag every rant they have “feminist” and then go on a hate tirade even without mentioning women. But these are lonely men masturbating on their little corner of the internet. I don’t give a shit what they do.

But Scalia’s making law. Say that and people will bitch about how he’s not a legislator and generally demonstrate their ignorance about how government works, but it’s true. How the courts interpret what has been passed by the Legislature and signed by the Executive becomes the body of law that we use to understand our rights and government’s limits and to shape policy. Scalia’s trolling effects the entire nation.

Usually I say the term “activist judge” tells me more about the speaker than the judge in question. It means to me “I haven’t read Marbury v. Madison, and I disagree with the ruling.” But I can think of no more accurate use of the term than to describe a man striking down (or probably wanting to strike down) a law because the thinks the legislators voted 98:0 and 390:33 after 12,000 pages of testimony because they were intimidated and only Scalia can stand up to the these imaginary bullies.

Senator Justice Scalia, if you want to make law, run for office. Until then, do your own job. Hint–it’s not the final vote on this act just because.

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