Daily Prompt: I know…I must be fun at parties

Daily Prompt: I Got Skills.

Today’s daily prompt asks us if we could master any skill, what skill would be pick. I’m assuming they mean if we were to acquire the skill like Keanu learned Kung Fu in The Matrix (one of my least favorite movies ever) rather than, you know, actually study and learn a skill. Because where’s the fun in learning when you can just pretend?

Daily Prompt: I Got Skills

If you want to learn a skill, do it. Unless there is some physical or mental limitation that prevents you, stop dreaming and wishing and be. This is why I can’t stand the game Guitar Hero. Just learn to play guitar instead of pressing buttons on a toy that looks like the one I give my three-year old.

Daily Prompt: I Got Skills

Really, this is all you’re doing.

About emmawolf

I'm a freelance writer living in Baltimore with my husband, son, and two cats. I'm working on editing my first novel. I love reading, traveling, and the cello.
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12 Responses to Daily Prompt: I know…I must be fun at parties

  1. Muriel says:

    While we needn’t argue about Matrix because it is the worst of drivel indeed, I’m not sure what it is you can’t stand about guitar hero.
    You want people to learn an instrument when they’d rather play a video game?
    I’ve heard of stranger predilections, but it still seems kind of odd to me that you’d care.

    • emmawolf says:

      It’s just not fun for me. It’s pressing buttons or watching people press buttons at the right time. I know that’s what most video games are, but people seem to treat this one differently than others (in my limited observation). Like I was expected to watch and enjoy this game and think it was so great and I was some social outcast if I didn’t want to play/watch.

      Learning to play the chords of rock songs isn’t that hard. They could even make games to teach that (growing up, I had computer software that taught me to play piano and read music). If someone would rather play a video game, I’m not judging them for that. But I hate the game because it seems to make people act like they are actually playing an instrument.

      BTW: I’m reading your novel, I’m just a too little busy with work and a sick kid to give it all the time I want to. Thanks for sending me the link.

      • Muriel says:

        Alright, I get that. Just wasn’t clear to me from the post. There is such a game, if you care, but I’m told it’s unfortunately struck the exact right balance of being too difficult for beginners and too boring for advanced learners.
        Concerning my novel, please don’t feel any obligation. Hard as it is for me to fathom, I realise there are people with more pressing concerns than my stories.

  2. djmatticus says:

    Agree with your Guitar Hero assessment, but don’t agree at all about the Matrix… “worst of drivel?” The acting and dialogue were terrible, I’ll give you that, but the concept behind the movie was intriguing. But, that’s off point.

    I understand your argument about learning a skill rather than pretending, but are you really saying that every skill you want to be a master at you’ve attained? There is nothing you wish you were better at and you would pursue if you had more time, energy, money, etc…?

    • emmawolf says:

      Absolutely not. I’d just rather try to obtain that goal then write a naval gazing post about how much I want it. Right now I’m underemployed. I have all the time in the world (almost) to pursue hobbies. (except when I get super busy with work and sick kid. Like now actually.)

      I didn’t call it “worst of drivel.” I have seen/read worse drivel. The concept may have been intriguing, but it wasn’t unique. I was exposed to other things that had similar concepts that I enjoyed more, so it was nothing new when I saw it.

      • Muriel says:

        Since that was my choice of words: Of course, the badness of art is in the eye of the beholder. I always hated the Matrix, seriously, and that was because of the concept, and of course the plot. Acting and dialogue didn’t bother me so much, and the effects were kind of cool.

        • emmawolf says:

          I love how I can find something to disagree with you over even when we both agree that The Matrix sucks. Even the effects bothered me. I hated the whole pause the action mid-jump so the camera can pan around business. What purpose did that serve?

          • Muriel says:

            It’s a boy thing. We think this kind of stuff looks cool. Although, this didn’t ameliorate the overall impression. It’s like reading a stupid book set in very pretty type. It’s nice to look at, but that doesn’t really make it a better book.

          • emmawolf says:

            Girl thing/boy thing and donuts makes me think of a friend of mine. When asked why she wasn’t a lesbian, she would say “I have nothing against donuts, I just don’t like getting glaze on my face.”

          • Muriel says:

            That’s a rather disturbing comparison. I’m not going to comment any more because I’m quite sure this is one of those situations where I could only say stuff that makes me look even more stupid.

        • emmawolf says:

          “It’s a boy thing.”

          Wait a minute. No. I’m right now writing a well-thought out comment in response to your other comment re. abortion. I could easily say “it’s a girl thing” because abortion is way more a girl thing than special effects are a boy thing, but I’m going to give you the answer I think you deserve. Please try again.

          • Muriel says:

            Come on, you know I was kidding about the boy thing.
            There is no justification for finding certain effects cool, or not. There’s no purpose other than looking cool to people who enjoy that kind of stuff.
            It’s like arguing about donuts. I don’t like them, and even if you do, there’s nothing to argue about.

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