Daily Prompt: Seventeen and strung out on confusion

Daily Prompt: Sweet Sixteen.

Today’s daily prompt asked me if I am now where I thought I would be at 16. No. I’m not. But I think that’s more because at 16, I had no idea where I’d be in my thirties. I never had my life all figured out.

If I were a pessimist, I’d say maybe I am where I am now because I didn’t have a plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, right?

I don’t think so. Even as a young kid, I think I was pretty sure I wanted to be a lawyer. But in high school, a “friend” of mine said something very discouraging to me. It haunted me for too long. So I went to college with an open mind. I took classes in anything I wanted to (I went to a hippie school where I didn’t have to pick a major). My last year in college I started thinking about law school again. Since I didn’t have any better ideas, why not?

I graduated from law school just in time for the recession. I had a job I loved in a small firm, but this experience didn’t translate so well when I moved to a different state. I’ve been gainfully underemployed ever since. And without any luck in my local legal community, I’m starting something on my own.

So no, at 16, I didn’t think that I’d be starting my own business. I didn’t even think this was where I’d be when I was in law school. My decision to try to do it on my own still scares me.

(title of my post comes from Green Day’s song Coming Clean. Which I probably listened to a lot when I was 16-17.)

About emmawolf

I'm a freelance writer living in Baltimore with my husband, son, and two cats. I'm working on editing my first novel. I love reading, traveling, and the cello.
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2 Responses to Daily Prompt: Seventeen and strung out on confusion

  1. My sixteen year old self would have looked at who I have become in horror and dismay. My 16 year old self was an idiot. Here’s to who we are!

    Good luck in your new venture!

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