Girls on Film


This article from left me disturbed, but not for the reasons the author intended. Or at least not for just those reasons. The short of it: the anonymity of the internet allows people to be horrible to each other and sexualizes more innocent photos of unsuspecting girls.

My issues: yes. But I don’t like the tone that suggests it’s better to tell the girls to be careful than to teach the boys that there are real people attached to those images who deserve to be treated with respect. It reminds me of the coloring book released several years ago that tried to teach Catholic children to beware of priests. Because it was easier to do that than to have any sort of accountability for organized crime or to try to teach your employees not to molest people.


The article talks about the people that distributes these images–“regular bored guys who like being popular”–and contrasts them from the “evil, psychopathic porn-moguls.” I think the writer has it backwards. If I understand correctly, with few exception, the porn industry is consensual. I don’t see how engaging in a contract with someone, paying for services, and promoting the result makes one a psychopath. But I can see how one can easily come to that conclusion if one thinks it’s reasonable for people to try to repress their own sexuality. I guess it’s easier to teach girls to cover up than it is to teach boys to to respect women and to ask facebook to be accountable.

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4 Responses to Girls on Film

  1. Raunak says:

    the last line says it all. unfortunately there is no way crazy psycho behavior can be changed. We can teach and change a lot of sane boys but there is no changing a few idiots. Until those few idiots remain, which they always will, it is better to be cautious.

    • emmawolf says:

      I absolutely think that everyone needs to be taught to be cautious, online and in real life. It just seems to me that (for certain things) more effort is made to change the behavior of the victim than the offender. The list I posted earlier on tips to avoid rape is along the same lines. We’ll always have a few idiot assholes (to say the least), my problem is when it’s accepted behavior.

  2. KindOfLady says:

    Women were sick of being told to be careful of going out at night, so they protested, saying, “How about instead you stop the rapists?” Take Back the Night was born.

    It’s time for us to look at how we’re supposed to protect ourselves from normal everyday things like posting pictures on facebook, and say, “How about instead you tell boys to stop being shitty?” Time to Take Back the Internet.

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