30 day book challenge. Day 30

An author who makes me want to read everything he or she ever writes.

Last day! Hooray! And I’m ending this thing on a downer. No one.

I loved Harry Potter, but I can’t get into The Casual Vacancy. I loved Kushiel’s Legacy and Dark Currents, but thought Santa Olivia was only so-so and I didn’t even buy the sequel. And I couldn’t get into the Sundering series. I feel strongly about Margaret Atwood, but it’s not the kind of passion that gets me excited about reading her next book. I can’t get into a lot by Daphne du Maurier. For a while, I loved Poppy Z. Brite/Billy Martin. I still do, but the Liquor series left me feeling less than enthused (sorry, I love horror). I felt this way about Christopher Pike for a while (I was 12!) but have grown out of him like I grew out of the Babysitters’ Club. So there is no author that makes me so excited that I’ll follow them across genres and through the years. Sorry, I’m fickle.


About emmawolf

I'm a freelance writer living in Baltimore with my husband, son, and two cats. I'm working on editing my first novel. I love reading, traveling, and the cello.
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3 Responses to 30 day book challenge. Day 30

  1. Heather says:

    Mine: Toni Morrison, John Irving, Barbara Kingsolver, Annie Dillard, Maya Angelou, Margaret Atwood, James Baldwin…

    And I know there are a few others, but I just got up not too long ago and my brain isn’t quite at maximum function capacity yet.

    • emmawolf says:

      I love Atwood, but some of her books are so emotionally draining (The Handmaid’s Tale and Orxy and Crake) that it’s hard for me to say I would read everything she wrote (though I always buy her stuff when I find it, so I have a huge Atwood collection that I’m afraid to read.)

      I loved The World According to Garp, but it was the only thing I read by him. What else would you recommend? (I should probably get to The Cider House Rules, right?)

  2. mishmashmuse says:

    I know what you mean about Atwood, which is why my automatic-read authors tend to be a bit more lighthearted, like Oscar Wilde, PG Wodehouse and Douglas Adams. There are serious authors I enjoy, but they tend to wait a while on my shelves until I’m contentedly enjoying a holiday!

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