30 day book challenge. Days 17 and 18

Book turned movie and completely desecrated

Les Miserables from 1998.

I remember seeing a trailer for this movie that said something like “the story you thought you knew is nothing like you would expect.” Of course, I can’t find it now, so maybe I just made it up. It was like the person who wrote the screenplay stopped reading the book half way through. Eponine? Who’s that? You mean Marius was supposed to have an inner struggle and not be sure who to join? You’re kidding!

Book I can’t find on shelves anymore that I love

I have an embarrassing story about this.

Everyone here seen the movie The Princess Bride? Anyone read the book? The book is pretty much the same: immigrant (grandfather in movie) dad reads book to sick son, translating as he reads from his native language to English. Flashforward to 30 or so years, when the son, William Goldman, has his own son, he gives the book to his son to read, who thinks its boring. Goldman tries to figure out why and realizes that his dad edited the book as he was reading it to him, cutting out the boring parts. So Goldman publishes the edited version for all of us to read. In the book, he summarizes the parts he left out, some of them pretty interesting, like the back story of Inigo and Fezzik.

At some point in my life, I was talking to a (not) friend of mine (pretentious person) about the movie and how close it was to the book. Seeing as how Goldman wrote the screenplay also (well, see the post from the other day about that). So this pretentious girl looks at me like I’m crazy and tells me the movie is nothing like the book. So much was left out. Confused, I asked her if she read the unabridged version. She told me yes.

She didn’t. There is no unabridged version. Goldman made up the story of Wesley and Buttercup, the whole story of being sick and having his dad read the book to him, not to mention the country Florin. Yes, I looked for the unabridged version of The Princess Bride in bookstores.


Sorry for no post yesterday. Weird family drama…

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2 Responses to 30 day book challenge. Days 17 and 18

  1. sj says:

    Ha! I was…well, I’m older than you, but not THAT MUCH older. But still. I didn’t know there was no S Morganstern until I was in my 20s. When the internet made things easy to look up.


    • emmawolf says:

      It’s that I read it as a kid and thought the story he was telling about his wife and kid were true and I didn’t think about the rest. Before I found out that the frame story wasn’t true, if you would have asked me if there was a country named Florin or Guilder, I would have said no. But I hadn’t processed all of it completely if that makes any sense.

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