Meet the newest addition to my family

There is a hermit crab in one of those shells…or so I was told.

My son’s daycare mom was on vacation last week. Yesterday morning, we brought him to daycare and she said she had a surprise for him. For all of us. She bought him a hermit crab. She bought a three year old a hermit crab. I know absolutely nothing about hermit crabs but had a hunch that the wire “hermit crab condo” he came in with a bottle cap food dish would be insufficient. Well, scratch that. I do know a little something about hermit crabs. I know not to leave them in a car. When I was maybe 10 or so, my family took a vacation to the beach. My parents decided to buy my sister and me hermit crabs. I don’t know why. Maybe we were begging or something. So they decided we were responsible enough to take care of a pair of pretty low maintenance pets.

They were wrong.

During the long car ride home from the beach, we stopped for lunch. I remember someone asked if the hermit crabs would be ok in the car and someone else dismissed those concerns. They weren’t. When we finished our lunch, we returned to the car to a pair of steamed crabs. I felt terrible about it.

Which is probably why I freaked out a bit when my son’s daycare mom gave me the hermit crab condo. I didn’t look at it as a chance to redeem myself and prove that I could take care of a hermit crab. I looked at it as the ghost of the hermit crabs I had helped kill come back to punish me. And I truly had no idea what to do with this thing.

I just got back from PetsMart and probably spent way too much money on hermit crab paraphernalia. I thought these were supposed to be low maintenance pets, but I had to buy a special spray for his water, special salt to put in his water every other week, and special dirt. Oh, and of course a cage/terrarium  to put him in since it wouldn’t be a good idea to have him run around with the cats. So, roughly $50 later, there is my crab that was probably under a dollar originally and may die tomorrow.

My son named him Kermit.


About emmawolf

I'm a freelance writer living in Baltimore with my husband, son, and two cats. I'm working on editing my first novel. I love reading, traveling, and the cello.
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One Response to Meet the newest addition to my family

  1. sj says:

    Oh, Kermit the Hermit! I love it!

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